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No Code Solution for Customising SharePoint & Nintex

Recently I had across the latest release of Appbuilder for SharePoint & Nintex, which enables anyone to customise SharePoint and easily create applications with no code components. Because Appbuilder removes the need for custom coding and the complexities associated with data integration, even non-programmers can build and manage powerful application solutions.
Version 6.6 focuses on how Appbuilder users view and interact witgeh the complexities of business logic, SharePoint content, LOB data, and Nintex workflows. 
John Ackery, Director for Devworkz, said “This 6.6 release provides rich new capabilities for our existing Appbuilder customers, it also powers our growing platform of accelerators for tasks such as compliancNe, asset auditing, risk, probation, contract management, staff services, etc.
Devworkz aims to by helping its customers automate what are an essentially unmanaged business process. Inside of most organizations, inefficiencies are normally found at the nexus of the day to day staff activities and the outcomes they deliver. 
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