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Here's What Industry Insiders Say About SharePoint 2016 Features

Microsoft recently released the latest and greatest version of their SharePoint On-premise platform, Microsoft SharePoint 2016. For the past few years, there have been many questions and concerns around Microsoft’s direction with SharePoint. Microsoft has been heavily pushing their cloud version of SharePoint with Office 365. However, as the reality states, companies around the world are not yet ready for a true cloud only solution and hence, Microsoft has responded with an on-premise version of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. This version is very close in feature set and design with the cloud version, hence allowing organizations to implement a highly secure, robust and integrated hybrid SharePoint environment.

During our evaluation of Microsoft SharePoint 2016, following are the new and enhanced features that grabbed our attention and we think will be very useful for every organization.  
SharePoint 2016 Features
SharePoint 2016

Better User Experience

If you have a good user responsive experience, your engagement will increase. UI experience is most important factor for every project. In this way, you can find one small but major ribbon change in SharePoint 2016. Ribbon change means you will get consistent UI experience between swapping your systems. Now you can switch your system without hesitating. It enhances mobile navigation experience.

Fulfill Your Requirement

SharePoint 2016 can fulfill your requirement with the help of uploading capacity. This capacity increases larger than 2,047 MB. You can get the benefit of this feature for your different type of purpose.

One Drive Control

SharePoint 2016 provides top control at personal document folder in One Drive for Business to the user. This feature has the main purpose is to bring all users together at one place. It allows helping users work with their files, no matter where they are. We can use one drive to collaborate on files with others.

Hybrid Cloud Search Experience

No. of people are waiting for a long time for unified search experience feature. It’s a good news that SharePoint 2016 search has a new feature Search Service Application which allows pushing on Office 365 search indexer with your Office 365 search query.

Fast Site Creation Collection

SharePoint 2016 come up with new feature fast site creation collection. This feature help to improve the performance of site collection at the content database level. It enables to create a site collection in 1 second as compared to SharePoint 2013. (SharePoint 2013 takes almost over 40 seconds)


SharePoint 2016 have one major compliance feature which will decrease your headache whenever you will think about to move to the cloud. Yes! Every business doesn’t have the same requirement so that this feature enable to integrate your on-premises farm with Office 365. You can stay as previous control with the help of in-place hold policies. It allows building your own policies for your environment. You can enjoy your cloud at your own pace.

Min Role

Min role is the most important term in cloud and SharePoint. It always defines the purpose of the SharePoint Server. It helps to select the right server role for administrator during the deployment of SharePoint Server 2016 in farm topology. When you join server or farm, SharePoint automatically configures the services and optimize the performance of the farm based topology.

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