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Amazing ! How SharePoint Consulting or Cloud Solution Useful To My Friend

A couple weeks of ago I visited one of my friend company that serves the marketing services who paid rent for office space is $800 per month for 3 rooms include his cabin, office staff, server maintenance guy and tiny server room.

Now I want to talk especially server room. My friend hired one guy for the server. If server guy will take leave without notice, he has to pay attention of no. things regarding the server. So in this way, I was thinking to resolve his problem. I was asking him, “Why you would not go to Microsoft SharePoint or Cloud Solution?” I suggested him because If he will go to SharePoint or Cloud he will get no. of benefits are as follows:-

Headache of Storage

My friend doesn’t need to pay attention on the server because cloud will manage all thing by own. No. of business use cloud solutions & SharePoint to make their business more efficient. It will help also to store your data and files securely on the server. I want to focus one major benefit here that no storage headache to my friend because it’s highly secure with the implementation of end to end encryption. We can easily understand the importance of cloud because day by day cloud increasing in every industry and sectors like banking, healthcare, insurance, education, marketing, government and legal sectors also. Now, my friend understands that he can easily storage the data as per his requirement and maintain also without server guy.

Cost Reduction

 He can save money and increase the profit through cloud adoption. See, now he doesn’t require server space and maintenance guy. So we can consider another major benefit is zero people cost and zero space cost. He can utilize that tiny room for his office staff also. My friend can invest this money in other things which will more beneficial to his business or company. Cloud computing uses low cost or less electricity so another benefit is lower power cost.                                          
SharePoint Consultants

No Hardware Expenses

When you have an own server like my friend, you have to maintain with more hardware but in cloud computing, you don’t need requirement of such hardware because the cloud has own several locations for their data center. He can again enjoy cost saving factor of hardware expenses.

Data Focus

My friend always worried about data security. With the cloud adoption, he can get no. benefits of data security like large scale security, easily relocate and control access for data and data testing also. Cloud provides services to large scale business and companies they ensure to make their system fully secure.


My friend saves money with the cloud adoption. He can now enjoy no. of benefits without a headache. So, Cloud Solution, Office 365 SharePoint Online make easy your business. It saves your money and increase profit. It always helpful to achieve business goals.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the success story of your friend. SharePoint and cloud solutions are a great way to increase the productivity of your business. Both have become most preferable options to all.


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